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I found your Substack through your previous blog, taoofprosperity. While reading your posts on 'biggification' I was thinking 'hmmm, this person sounds neurodivergent like me', so was delighted to see neurodivergent AF in your profile 😂 I've recently been through a similar experience of feeling confused about burnout cycles (why can't I do what everyone else seems to cope no worries with) and have since discovered in neurodivergent. Thanks for your writing, it's super insightful and I love your drawing exercises. I related so much to the one with the cave and wanting to be open and sparkly but fearing it. So good! 😀

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Oh, awesome, I'm so glad you followed the breadcrumbs here! Yes it took me awhile to figure out the ND thing but it makes everything make so much more sense. 😁

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I've been thinking of building tolerance in my nervous system as strength training over the past couple of weeks! And then I read this newsletter (again?), and now don't know if you planted the seed in me weeks ago.

I'm going through a lot of these realizations and adjustments. I like that I can just send your newsletter to people in my life instead of trying to explain everything myself. 😁

Thank you for sharing your experiences. 🙏🏻

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